Feeling happy. Healing is such a strange process. It was only two weeks ago that my breathing was still so labored, my chest so heavy. But now, just this last week, something has dramatically changed in my body again. For the first time in 2 months, I feel somewhat close to how I felt before I got sick. I feel a lightness in my feet, an effortlessness in walking. There’s less thinking about breathing. I’m suddenly just breathing. And my chest barely hurts, the stabbing pains particularly seeming now like a distant memory.

Hopefully it’s all up from here. Of course, there’s some personal responsibility I have in making sure it is. Just because I’m feeling better doesn’t mean I should go out and start taking long walks again or working my full work schedule. I might be feeling this way because I’ve prioritized rest, healthy eating, and relaxation so much in the last few weeks. It’s important I continue to do so. My lungs need that from me.

Anyway, above is the drawing I currently have in progress. It’s of a deer skeleton. Hopefully I’ll have it done in the next few days!

And here are some pictures of my kitty. While I’m drawing, he likes to curl up in his cat stand and sleep or simply pose adorably. I love him so much. =)

This little white ferret toy is his absolute favorite. He always sleeps with it and drags it around the apartment like its his prey, haha.

Published by Steph Kunze


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