Well 2020 is gone, but I don’t think I’ll quite feel a sense of a year having gone by until it’s March 13th, 2021 a.k.a 365 days since the lockdown in my state began. I think back to my life before that date and I have to say I lived a very charmed life. I was healthy, content, and overwhelmed by all the different avenues I could take in my life. I had freedoms I now realize were privileges, and I’m coming into 2021 with a much deeper appreciation for the things I can do. I can breathe, I can walk, I can make art, I can drive a car… There’s so much I have that I could lose, that I actually almost lost.

I’m looking forward to when the vaccinations bring some sense of normalcy to daily life. Until then, I have no reason to think 2020 has turned me into the person I am currently: a humbled version of myself who is literally just trying to get by. Not until I can safely venture out of my house and see friends, meet new people, and work towards personal and professional goals will I really know how 2020 has changed me. Until then, I’m all white knuckles… just going forward, just managing.

Hope everyone had a happy new year. I spent mine working on the drawing above. I’m getting close! Almost done.

Published by Steph Kunze


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