It’s been a spacy week. Maybe it’s the sub zero temperatures (it’s cold here) or just simply the affects of prolonged isolation, but I’ve been all kinds of everywhere lately. Last weekend, I sprained my middle toe by walking into a ladder. And this morning, when I went to grab a cup from my cupboard, I noticed a bag of carrots had been stuffed in between all the cups, lol. In other words, at some point yesterday, I took my carrots out of the fridge, snacked on them, and then casually stored them with the cups as if that was where they belonged.

Definitely more clumsy and distracted than usual.

Thankfully, despite that, I was still able to get started on the next drawing for the series, which I posted a progress shot of below.

Not a lot to see so far, but it seems to be coming along quickly, especially in comparison to my last drawing. Hopefully I can manage to get it done in the way I want to.

Published by Steph Kunze

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