I apologize for the temporary absence. The spaciness I’ve been experiencing lately has made working on my current drawing difficult. Instead of drawing, I’ve often found myself curling up on the couch and binge watching movies and television shows. While I have thoroughly enjoyed all the various movies and television shows I have watched, I’m also feeling a little guilty. I have not made much progress with my drawing.

I’m doing my best to stick with this series. I can visualize it finished in my mind and, when I do, I get all those warm stomach fuzzies that remind me this series is worth completing. I sometimes think this recent spaciness is simply my becoming resistant to the labor required to complete this series. It’s easy to dream up what something will look like, to feel good about just that. But actually doing the work? So much harder. So much longer. Something I can struggle with.

So here’s where I’m at with my current drawing. There is still so much left to do. Particularly, I need to work out the value scheme and find a way to better integrate the deer into the scene.

Random, but here’s also a picture of my adorable 7 month old kitten, Marcel. Every time I see this face, I just melt. Such a cutie.

Published by Steph Kunze


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