Well I’m still working on my commission piece. It’s coming along very slowly. Maybe I can finish it in the next 2 weeks. I am certainly going to aspire to that.

Spring is here and, with that, a desire to go outside. So I have been doing a lot of that lately: going outside. I think this is impacting my ability to finish this piece in a timely manner. I also acquired a record player from a friend of mine who is moving. It’s an old record player and I wouldn’t say by any means its sound quality is great, but it works good enough and has inspired me to start building a record collection, something I’ve been wanting to do since the dawn of time. Yesteday, I ventured out and sought out my first official records for the collection. It was so much fun!

Since I had my second vaccine appointment yesterday, I went with records that are good for listening to while laying lifeless and sore on the couch. These were my choices:

Two artists who are without a doubt beautiful, old souls and extraordinarily talented at what they do. On the left is Weyes Blood’s “Titantic Rising” and on the right is Adrianne Lenker’s “abysskiss.”

Take a listen if you like!!

Okay, that is all I have. Hopefully by my next update I will be done with my commission!

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