Well it’s all done. The crying highland cow. I didn’t get done with this as quickly as I hoped, but that’s alright. Sometimes things take longer than expected. Sometimes things are more complicated than expected. Sometimes the creative journey is filled with mountains, not just fields. Either way, it’s all still fun.

Like really fun.

I’ve been feeling more creative lately. I’ve been playing around in artistic mediums I haven’t ever worked in before. It’s made me feel young, like I’m learning how to make art for the first time. It’s made me remember when I was a teenager and how creating visual art was new to me, how drawing and painting felt like an endless, joyous expanse of exploration and discovery. It’s so fun to be able to feel like this again.

I’ll be starting another lynx drawing this week. Hopefully I will have some progress shots to share soon! =)

Published by Steph Kunze


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