Here’s a progress shot of where I’m at with my next drawing. (It’s cropped – it’s bigger than what is visible here.) I’m not too far, but farther than I thought I would be, as I’ve been somewhat distracted as of late.

Outside has been an inferno. I’ve spent the last two weeks avoiding the outside as much as possible, preferring instead to spend whole days after work beside my beloved window a/c units. These little guys are seriously heros. The places in my apartment that don’t have a window a/c unit? Have been 90 degrees at some points… AKA, not very inhabitable, at least for someone like me. I don’t handle the heat well.

I’d probably be farther along with this drawing if I wasn’t also currently infatuated with sound and trying to make sound art that doesn’t sound bad. It’s been taking a lot of time to learn this art language. Every time I think I’ve got something that’s maybe medicore, I learn something new about sound and music and realize I need to rework what I have and essentially start over. I am amazed by how much new information I have absorbed and how much left there is to absorb. It’ll likely be years before I can get to a point where I can effectively work with sound. And that’s only if I stay dedicated.

Anyway, I’ll be back soon!

Published by Steph Kunze

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