Hey, things have been alright. I’m busy, but in a way that has been highly enjoyable. I’ve spent nearly every day this last week working nonstop on things I want to display and sell at the art fair in September. I’m thinking my main focus for that fair will be art prints, original artwork, zines, and artist books. I already have some things stocked up from previous art shows and fairs to use, but I’m hoping to expand on those things and include some artwork I’ve long had stuffed in various boxes, sketchbooks, and portfolios. Many of these poor little drawings have not seen the light of day in years and I’ve taken it upon myself to bring them back into the world. I matted and packaged a bunch of them today and it makes me so happy to see them all spruced up and shiny new.

Here’s a couple photos of some those drawings while I was in the middle of getting them ready…

And here are a couple of some drawings all packaged and ready to go!

That may be all I have to share. I haven’t done too much else lately. The smoke from the Canadian wildfires that is currently lingering over my home state has put me in a quarantine-like state. My lungs have made it quite clear to me that they hate this smoke, and that I need to stay inside. Otherwise, I will pay. And in some sense I have already paid, having thought yesterday I could get away with a trip to the grocery store and with running my window a/c unit while I slept. Yeah, nope. Lungs were not happy about that.

Okay well I’ll write again later.

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