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So yesterday I decided to take all the furniture out of my living room and set up a “rough draft” of my art fair display in there. Will say it was some sweaty work and today I am so, so sore and tired… But I am happy to have done it because now I have a good idea of what framed works I want to show and in what manner. Here are some photos of the set up!

That last photo is two projects I made while in college, ha. The first is my senior thesis, which is a handmade box containing “a week’s worth of dreams.” In the box, there’s seven handmade artist books, each representing one day of the week, and each artist book consists of an illustration of a dream an original character had that day. The second project is a handmade zine (first version was an artist book, but I’ve since made it into a zine) consisting of 8 sad girls in sad situations.

I really hope with time I can get back into making artist books and zines. I really miss that.

I also want to learn how to sew better and make little plush dolls and creatures. I am thinking maybe I can start working on that in the winter time when I’ll be stuck inside due to the cold?

For now, I’m just drawing away! My coyote drawing is coming along and I’m aiming to have it done by mid-September.

Okay, well that’s all so I’m gonna go and leave here this pretty and comforting song for anyone to enjoy in the meantime,


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