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Hello. I’ve been in commission land for the last few months and am happy to write I will soon be out of that land and entering a new kind of land, one where I can focus solely on my taiga project, aka do my own thing.

I’ve had fun working on the commissions, but it doesn’t give me quite the same spark as working on my personal work does.

This is a snapshot of the last commission I completed, which is a sketch of the customer’s late cat, Scooter:

When I haven’t been working on comissions, I’ve been reading a lot about the taiga and searching for some inspiration. Lately, I’ve gotten into reading about luna moths. They are so special and sweet! I’ve been playing around in Photoshop trying to put together a digital sketch that includes them, and I was thinking maybe my next taiga drawing could look something like this?

The composition still needs some tweaking, but this is the main gist of what direction I’m thinking of going in.

Beyond this drawing, I’ve been wondering how to include more writing into my artistic practice. Some part of me is really itching to get back into writing stories again, like stories that are kind of surreal and fairy-tale-like in nature and based in the taiga. But not the actual taiga, more like my own dream version of the taiga.

I started taking a poetry class recently, so this will help get me back into a consistent writing schedule. (I hope.)

Well that’s all, so bye!


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