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Hello. So I thought the sketch of the lynx and lunar moths I had been putting together was just about done, that all I had left to do was make a few compositional tweaks. But I think it’s been like a week now. Don’t remember the last time I wrote in here. And this sketch has been a real jerk. Real pain in the bum. To the point where I had to put it aside for a few days. Today, I revisited it again, and it’s looking a little better, less squashed. I didn’t like the way the trees closed in on the lynx and moths in the last sketch I posted, so I took the trees out. But yeah, this is still looking a little messy to me! So not quite there yet.

Other than work on this sketch, I’ve been writing, particularly for the poetry class I’ve been taking. It’s been so much fun writing poetry! I used to write poetry all the time, almost every day. And then like 5 years ago I just stopped. So I’m hoping to bring it back into my life again.

Once I have some poems finished, I will share them!

Hopefully, soon, I’ll be working on the actual drawing of this sketch and have a progress shot of the drawing to share, too.

‘Til then, enjoy this lovely song… (I’ve been so obsessed with Four Tet lately…)


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