Hello! This weekend I got an opportunity to work in watercolor, a medium I haven’t worked in since college. It’s been a while! I’m pretty out of practice, but I thought I’d share a couple of my experiments. It’s two faces, both loosely referenced from faces of models from a magazine. By no means did I do these models’ faces justice, lol, but I still had fun.

After doing these faces, I remembered I had some buried sketches of faces from 2017, which was back when I used to sketch faces a lot just for practice. Here’s a few posted below – all are loosely referenced from my own face.

This all has made me want to start drawing faces again, especially in watercolor… Maybe I can find a way to fit watercoloring into my life more easily, especially in the spring when my porch will be nice and warm and I’ll be able to paint out there…

Hm other than that, all I got are a couple shots of these dreamy ducks that were hanging around outside today:

It was such a beautiful day today. ❤

I’ll be back soon!

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