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Hello, don’t have much to say. Usually on a Friday evening I like to take a walk around my neighbhorhood, but tonight it seems too windy. Last week, this older man who I always happen to walk by on Fridays – he likes to sit idly on one of the bridges – told me while smiling that I looked “as bright as the sun” while pointing at the sun and I don’t know what exactly he meant by that, but I decided to take it as a compliment, and I’ve enjoyed remembering it ever since. And I wonder how he’s doing tonight, like if he’s out there on that bridge right now along with all the other Friday regulars. I’ve started to realize my neighbhorhood is smaller than I think.

My day job really kicked my bum this week. So I don’t regret staying inside. I need to draw and relax and get caught up on some art-related business. I have two art fairs to prepare for, one of which will require a giant tent and 6 foot grid walls and sandbags and all this other shit and while it’s 2 and half months away, I already feel like I’m behind schedule. The other art fair is small, will only require two tables, but it’s happening in two weeks and my inventory is not at all well stocked.

Here are some pictures I took during my walks from the last couple weeks…

Rainbow! Took this one in St. Paul.

City reflections in the Guthrie Theater building.

Love the shape of these trees. So striking.

This one bridge is covered in spider webs. Some of them were being actively worked on by spiders when I walked by. Was fun and unsettling to see. This was the only picture I could get that really captured what the spider webs looked like.


My lynx drawing is very close to done. I’m crossing my fingers I can get it done in the next week!



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