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I just have a couple things left to do with this fabric collage experiment. One, I’m thinking I’ll add a white pattern on top of the two green side borders. Two, I’m thinking I’ll sew the whole piece onto a larger piece of mint colored fabric. It’s going to be just like a little blanket, and I’ll lay it down somewhere for decoration.

I like how it sparkles a bit more in certain kinds of lighting. The last two pictures are from my room. The light was shining down on the piece more directly and gave the piece an extra sparkle.

I’m a bit of a sucker for sparkly fabric, I’ve found. Every time I’ve gone to the fabric store, I’ve walked out with a bunch of glittery stuff, haha.

Here’s a sketch I started, but never completed. Just did it for no reason. Though a part of me would love to make a stuffed animal of a creature who looks kind of like this. Maybe… The next thing I want to do is make a stuffed animal for a friend. Not quite sure what my subject matter is going to be yet, but I’m anticipating I will figure that out by the end of this weekend!

Also, have I ever mentioned how much I freaking love this cat? Just really appreciate this fluff ball. So much. He turned 2 years old in July! Little boy is all grown up.


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