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Cat doll update!

After experimenting with it, I’m no longer really feeling the idea of a small ruffle dress with legs and shoes, so I think I am going to go this route and just give her a really long dress and add on some embellishments to the dress. (That little circle embellishment in the middle of her chest is actually a mirror! I found it in a fabric warehouse a couple weekends ago.)

I’m still debating on whether to give her arms…


I’m also going to sew her a little friend. A while back, I gathered fabrics together with the intent to figure out the color schemes I would go with for two separate cat dolls.

As you can see, on the right is the original idea I had for the cat doll I am making now. I think I will make the pink and purple cat next, and she will be in the same style as my current one where she’ll have a long flowing dress.

Hopefully this works out. I guess I’ll find out! It might be tricky getting the dress to drape the way I want to.


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