So I’m all done with this baby deer painting.  This one has a much more illustrative style than the other two paintings, I think.  This wasn’t my intention, but I believe it’s an indication I’m starting to find my own voice in painting!  

Things have been going well.  The shortness of breath I had been experiencing has largely disappeared, at least when I am mulling about in my apartment.  I don’t know yet if I can work, but I will find out this Monday, which is when I am set to return to my job.

I’m so grateful to be feeling significantly better.  The clouds in my life seem to be clearing.  That said, I don’t underestimate what this virus did to my body, and I have no plans of pushing myself physically for the next few months.  The last thing I want to do is get overconfident, exercise beyond my limits, and suffer a huge setback.  

I think my body deserves a long period of rest.  This year has been really hard on it.  

Here’s a progress shot of the painting I’m working on right now, which is also of a deer.

My doctor excused me to 4 weeks of “partial duty” due to my lingering COVID-19 symptoms, which I guess have become something of a temporary disability. Crossing my fingers it’s temporary, anyway. Otherwise, this is going to make quite the impact on several facets of my life, especially professionally…

While I’m bummed I can’t move around as much, I’m grateful I’ve had and will continue to have so much time to make art. Painting, particularly, has been an effective way to calm both my body and mind and lose hours of my days in the process. Also, it’s been great spending so much time with my kitten, Marcel. I’m finding he is very much a companion cat and is loving the 24-7 human company!

I’m hoping to have the painting done in the next week or so. It’s not too big, only 12 x 16 inches, so one week seems doable. Till then, here’s a nice little song to listen to:

The Beginning
Aqua oil
20 x 16 inches

I finished this painting today. It’s officially my COVID-19 painting because I spent the entire time working on it while home sick with COVID-19. Unfortunately, COVID-19 is still impacting my life today, 3+ weeks after I first started experiencing symptoms, and I’m afraid I might end up as one of those young people who take months to fully recover. I hope not. I am doing my best to remain positive and trust my body will be able to heal itself. Currently, I’m in what feels like an endless quarantine due to a shortness of breath that likes to crop up anytime I try to do something outside of home, like run an errand, take a walk, or go to work. I also can’t smell anything, which is… weird. I’ll be cooking some sweet potatoes or chicken and simply be in awe that I cannot smell any hint of them cooking. Or I’ll be cleaning out my kitty’s litter box, utterly unfazed. Like literally just… nothing. I smell nothing.

COVID-19 is a strange one.

Thankfully, I can still paint and, while moving around sometimes comes with physical consequences, it certainly doesn’t mean I need to banish myself to a life of no movement. I still go on short walks and what not, but I now also take some time afterwards to get my breath and energy back. And given my overall health before I contracted COVID-19, the chances are in my favor that I will be back to my normal self at one point or another.

The other thing hanging in the air is fear I may have infected any of those I had been in contact with the few days I was asymptomatic. If any of these people get sick, especially severely sick, I don’t even know how I am going to deal with the guilt that will come from that. I don’t even want to think about it.

Truly hoping for the best.

My mandated quarantine ends today, which means I will soon no longer get to see this cutie 24-7:

Makes me a little sad, if I’m being honest. I’ve bonded a lot with this guy and I’m worried he’s gonna get stressed out when I go back to work. He might. But maybe, hopefully, it’ll just be me who misses him.

Here’s a progress shot of my current painting, which I’ve been spending my time in quarantine working on. It’s of another deer because, for whatever reason, deer are the only subjects I feel like depicting right now. I think a part of me feels comforted by deer. To me, they signal self-care and gentleness, two things I’ve tried hard to focus on these recent months.

Hopefully this painting works out! Right now, I’m still figuring out what parts I want to add detail to and what parts I want to keep spare. I’m also still figuring out the value scheme. All I know is the deer needs to be brighter, like much brighter, along with the butterflies.

Marcel has been keeping me company as I paint. This is him when I start painting (usually):

And this is him after a couple hours of painting (haha):


A lot has happened since I last updated, so much so I feel incapable of expressing myself in paragraphs, so I am going to make a list instead.

1.) I finished that painting I started.

I am selling it for $100 if anyone is interested. I can ship. It’s 16 x 12 inches, unframed.

Update: painting has sold

2.) I got a kitten and named him Marcel.

2.) There is now a virtual walkthrough of the two solo shows I currently have up at the Phipps Center for the Arts. Check it out (along with other artists’ work) at the link below…

3.) I’m in quarantine… again. A family member of mine I’ve been in close contact with recently tested positive for COVID-19 and so now I am laying low for at least a week, possibly longer. Crossing my fingers Marcel and I do not get sick, or only mildly sick!

I think that’s about it for the last month. I’m about to start a new painting today. And yesterday, I found this fantastic song by Roisin Murphy I’d like to share. Take a listen!

See ya.

Just want to share a couple progress shots of pieces I’ve been working on.  I’ve been feeling all the warm inspired fuzzies that come with making art as of late.  Painting, particularly, has given me these fuzzies.  I forgot how much I love to paint.


I’m still trying to find my way through this painting.  I haven’t painted in 8 years, so I’m kinda rusty, but I’m getting better each time I work on this.


This graphite drawing I’ve had in progress for ages.  I’m just beginning to reach the tail end of it.  I think I should have it done by the end of the year as long as I keep devoting little bouts of time to it each week.

A lot of time has passed, and I apologize for that.  The stress of the pandemic truly got to me.  And I mean truly.  Last Sunday, I spent the afternoon in a hospital bed while hooked up to an IV, all thanks to a 2 month OCD relapse that led to extreme food restriction and, with that, a nearly 20 pound weight loss.  Thankfully, after getting a bunch of lab tests, I know my body is okay despite the stress I put it through, but psychologically I am a bit taken aback.

Pandemics are no joke.

Around the end of July, I realized I had a problem and sought some help, which resulted in my beginning to eat the many foods I had restricted and become afraid of.  With each pound I’ve gained back, so have I gained back another layer of mental clarity.  And with that, a desire to make art again.  Aka, I’m finally back to updating this blog!

So here is some recent work I’ve done…

These are a few older graphite drawings that I went back into and digitally colored.  They are going to be a part of a solo show I am having this September.


And this is a progress shot of an aqua oil painting I started this week, just for fun.

I hope anyone who reads this is doing okay.  I am shocked at the level of stress this pandemic has created for each and every person in this country, in this world even.  And my heart goes out to everyone as they navigate the multitudes of change and loss they are facing.

Throughout the years, I’ve tended to prefer more subdued colored palettes to bright ones.  However, since discovering colored pencils last March, that has changed.  I am finding with each piece I do my use of bright colors gets ever more amped up.  Now I’m working on a tripytch in colored pencils and have discovered after doing this sketch and color study that I am pretty much using the entire spectrum of the rainbow (along with incorporating a literal rainbow):tripytch-planning

Is this too much?  I don’t know, maybe.  But I’m so excited.  I started the final of this a couple nights ago and I hope I can pull the colors off.  I guess I will see.

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