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8.5 x 6.5 inches

Finally finished this one. Making it was a struggle and it seems somewhat unresolved to me, but I’m still going to keep it in the series. You can’t win every time. And if I were to devote my energy to making every taiga drawing the absolute best it could possibly be, it would likely take me fifteen million years to complete this series, and I don’t have that kind of time.

It may take me a few years to complete this series, though. Life’s been so zig zaggy. Sometimes, like in the summer, my goals are clear and I’m moving towards them in a straight line and everything’s fine. And sometimes, like lately, I’m inhabiting some sort of dense fog and I can barely see my hands, and I don’t know what my goals are, much less who I am.

I’m motivated, though, right now. I am ready to turn my life into a clear picture. What are my goals? What would I like my future to be about? Who am I? These are the questions I am looking to answer.


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