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Things have been insanely GO GO GO lately, and I apologize for my lack of updates. I am going to do my best here to get this blog up to speed with what all’s been going on.

First off, a couple weeks ago, I took part in an art fair called “Bi+ Fair”, which was organized by the Bisexual Organizing Project, an organization I’ve been casually following for a couple years now. They sent out an email last spring about whether any bi+ artists would be interested in taking part in a DIY art fair and, as a bi+ artist myself, of course I said yes! =)

Sadly, I forgot to take any pictures while at the fair, but I do have a picture of my table set up, which I took in my art studio the night before.

While at the fair, I was able to talk with the other artists there. Going by my memory, I believe there were around 6 or 7 other artists. Unfortunately, I did not grab the business cards of all these artists, which I regret, but I will share the work of a couple whose names I remembered!

Below is a piece by Casper Warren. I actually bought a print of this piece and am very excited to soon have it on my wall. =)

“The Lighthouse, version 1” by Casper Warren

I also really enjoyed the work of Ayshia Yaeger. I’m wishing I could have snapped some photos of their work while at the event because, not having an Instagram myself, I don’t have access to images of the work they had displayed! However, after doing some Google detective work, I did find one image that gives a glimpse into their artistic style. Please click their name above to see more of their work via Instagram!

Since the Bi+ Art Fair, I’ve just been toiling away at tasks relating to the St. Louis Park Art Fair. Especially, I have been figuring out how to move Pro Panels around without killing myself and destroying all the objects in my apartment, which has been fun, haha. This actually reminds me… last night I had a dream I had just arrived to the St. Louis Park Art Fair to set my booth up, only to realize I had forgotten the Pro Panels! It was basically a, “oh my god, you’re running LATE and you forgot THIS” kind of panic dream. I guess I must be nervous on some unconcious, well now conscious, level.

Alright, I think that’s all I’m going to share for now.


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